FOUDRE Une légende en quatre saisons

LIGTHNING/RAYO won the award of the best long feature movie of the festival Cinemistica 2019 of Granada (Spain)

1 December 2019 /

The Jury composed of Victor Borrego, Barbara Schröder and Gabriel Garcia Noblejas, after weeks of deliberations has issued the following ruling, which was released on Saturday 30 November during the closing ceremony of the festival, in the following categories:

CINEMÍSTICA (ex-aequo): “FOUDRE” (Rayo) long feature movie, Manuela Morgaine, Francia.

CINEMÍSTICA (ex-aequo): “GIACINTO SCELSI, OU LE PREMIER MOUVEMENT DE L’IMMOBILE” long feature movie, Sebastiano d´Ayala, Italia/Francia.

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Nicolas Dehorter / translations David H. Pickering