FOUDRE Une légende en quatre saisons

Soundtracks and Music

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PATHOS MATHOS an excerpt of the soundtrack on the site IDÉES NOIRES

Capture d’écran 2013-04-17 à 20.58.50 

BAAL an excerpt of the soundtrack on the site FOUDROYÉS

 The electric sky ( here )

Original Score by Philippe Langlois


                       Pathos Mathos  (the winter season of LIGHTNING)


Atoms  (the summer season of LIGHTNING)


Sources of work to explore

Written correspondence between Manuela Morgaine and Philippe Langlois during the film score’s composition.

Consult the complete correspondence by clicking here

Other musical excerpts composed by Philippe Langlois for ATOMS.



Haydn / Reich

Summer of LIGHTNING.
You’ll hear this Vivaldi tune at the moment Azor and Églé fall in love, based on Marivaux’s “The Dispute.”

To hold you over until you see the film, here is the voice that interprets it.


Philippe Jaroussky – Vedro con mio diletto – Vivaldi

To further explore the work of the film’s two composers, feel free to visit their sites:

  • Philippe Langlois  Les cloches d’Atlantis
  • Emmanuel Hosseyn During, composer of The Legend of Symeon (Springtime of LIGHTNING). You’ll find excerpts of his composition on his site at the chapter Soundtrack.

Nicolas Dehorter / translations David H. Pickering